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Edik Boghosian is an award winning artist based in Armenia was born in Tehran, Iran on 1972. Holds BA in fine arts, graduated from art faculty of Azad University of Tehran on 1995. He works as a freelance multidisciplinary visual artist. Contemporary art, graphic design and visual poetry are the main fields that he is active. Participant of noumerious art festivals and exhibitions, in France, Italy, Russia, Poland, Japan, Belgium, USA, Iran and Armenia. He curated and manage many projects and exhibitions such as Control+G a poster group exhibition (2004, Artists’ House, Tehran, Iran), Pharos a graphic design exhibition dedicated to 1600th year of Armenian alphabet (2007, Artists’ House, Tehran, Iran), Concequence: Artefact a multidisciplinary art project dedicated to NK conflict (2019, Vallex Hotel, Stepanakert, Artsakh and 2020, Artists' Union of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia), In Quest of Absent a multidisciplinary art project dedicated to 44 days war of Artsakh (2021, Henrik Igityan National Centre for Aesthetics, Yerevan, Armenia), Remembering Marcos a talk show on the 15th anniversary of Marcos Grigoryan's death. A participant of ARé festival since 2018 with various projects: 36.6: Prelude, 2018 (live performance), Video poetry series (video screening) and The discreet charm of bullshit, 2019 (exhibition), Liberated Chair, 2022 (live performance dedicated to the 15th anniversary of Marcos Grigoryan's death). In 2021, he founded the ACT cultural NGO, which aims to organize special and professional cultural events in art and graphic design fields, that have received less professional attention until now. In the same year he co-founded (with Vardan Mkrtchyan) the first international poster festival-contest of Armenia; Theatrical Posters international festival, the festivals first edition held on 2022. He has published 3 books: Iranian contemporary poetry’s Armenian translation; Wistful Man Diary (2015, Yerevan Armenia), °C (2018, Yerevan, Armenia), Visual and experimental poetry; As If Poetry (2020, Actual Art Publication, Yerevan, Armenia).

About act cultural

ACT Cultural non-governmental organization is a public association, which has the status of a non-commercial, non-profit organization. The NGO, was founded in 2021, by Edik Boghosian. The priority for the organization is the development and implementation of ideas, projects, programs aimed at the cultural, art and design, litrature and publishing, translation, educational development. The organization emphasize those ideas and projects aimed at cultural development, the implementation of which can contribute to the progress of becoming a part of local and global culture, as well as to complex development and recognition.

The organization's operating principles are legality, good faith, inclusiveness, commonality of interests, voluntary membership, commonality of members' interests, self-governance and accountability. It is a principle to implement such projects and events that have a cultural orientation: festivals, exhibitions, performances, films or videos, media products, courses, social initiatives and other format events that meet the statutory objectives.

The organization operates throughout the territory of the Republic of Armenia and in foreign countries, in accordance with the legislation of the latter.