TPAM 2024
Poster by Juri Toreev



1. THEATRICAL POSTERS International Biennale – Armenia 2024 (TPAM) is open to all artists, designers and theatres/theatre groups and organizations from all over the world.

2. Applications can be submitted by individual designers and artists, or theatres/theatre groups, organizations and performing arts artists.

3. Submission is free.

4. Categories:

    A. Main Category – All kind of theatrical posters

        (spectacle, opera, ballet, any kind of theatrical festival or event posters) 

    B. Other Stages – Music, dance, singing, performance

5. Each applicant may submit up to 3 posters produced since May 2022.

    5.1. Animated posters won’t be accepted.

    5.2. The posters must be free from hate speech and any element that 

    contradicts human rights.

    5.3. Self promotion, experimental or rejected posters

    (marked in entry form) will be evaluated separately as encouragment.

6. During the submission the data of both the authors and the commissioner (client)

is needed. Commissend or Self promotion/rejected should be marked.

7. The posters and completed entry form (download here) should be sent by 30 June 2024, 12։00 PM (Local time), via email to [email protected].

    7.1. The applications submitted after the deadline won’t be accepted.

8. The digital files should have the following specifications: 1200px on the longest side, RGB, 300 dpi, JPEG (high quality), not larger than 3MB.

9. The digital files should be named in English along with the name of the country, the author and the numbering of the poster in entry form, e.g.: Country_First name_Last name_Number in entry form.

    9.1. In case of languages other than English, please provide the English translation of the title in entry form.

    9.2. The organizers are not responsible for all kinds of possible false information and typos of submitted works.

10. Submitted posters will be shortlisted in June 2024 by the Pre-selection Committee composed of local specialists.

Pre-selection Committee:

Haroutiun Samuelian
Graphic Designer, art director


Lilit Altunyan
Illustrator, animation director and graphical artist


Sargis Antonian
Graphic Designer, art director


Vardan Mkrtchyan

CEO of Gabriel Sundukyan National Academic Theatre of Armenia, Co-founder of TPAM


Edik Boghosian

Graphic Designer, Visual Artist, Co-founder and Director of TPAM

11. Only in the case of posters shortlisted by the Pre-selection Committee, the participant will be asked to provide the high quality printable files with the following specifications: 84 cm on the longest side, CMYK, 300 dpi, TIF, or printable high quality PDF.

    11.1. The costs of printing the posters for this year’s exhibition  will be covered by the organizers.

    11.2. The printed posters will remain as a property of the bienale.


12. The names of the shortlisted authors will be annaounced on our social media pages: Facebook, Instagram.

13. The shortlisted posters will be exhibited in autumn 2024 at the Gabriel Sundukyan National Academic Theatre of Armenia.

14. The exhibition will consist of 2 parts (3 sections)։

         Competition: Shortlisted posters.
         Out of competition:
         – Posters of the jury members.
         – 2022 Grand Prix winner Jouri Toroyev’s posters

15. Shortlisted posters will be reproduced in a printed catalogue.

16. Shortlisted posters will be submitted for evaluation to the International Jury, which will select the winners.

International Jury:
Niklaus Troxler (Switzerland)

Graphic designer, art director, AGI member


Lech Majewski (Poland)
Graphic designer, president at International poster biennale in Warsaw


Henning Wagenbreth (Germany)
Illustrator, graphic designer, AGI member

17. The International Jury will award 3 of the most impressive commissioned (ordered) posters with the following prizes: Medal and diploma for 1 Grand Prix and 2 The Best Poster (There won’t be 1st, 2nd places), 2 Special Award, 2 Honorable Mention and also 3 Encouragement Certificate for self promotion/rejected posters.

18. The winners (The applicant։ designer or theatre) will also receive one free hard copy of the catalogue.

19. The winners will be informed via email.

20. The final decision of the International Jury is not arguable.

21. The results will be publicly announced autumn 2024, in Yerevan during the opening ceremony of the Theatrical 

Posters International Biennale – Armenia 2024.

22. All shortlisted applicants will each receive a digital certificate and PDF catalogue confirming their participation.

23. Those wishing to have a hard copy of the catalogue should pay only for the shipping.

24. The agenda of the biennale will be announced in August 2024.

25. By participating in the Theatrical Posters International Biennale – Armenia 2024, the applicant declares he/she/the institution has read the rules and confirms that the enclosed poster(s) listed in the entry form belongs to him/her/it and the rights are reserved. Thus the applicant grants free-of-charge use of the poster(s) by the organizers in publications and social media promotions connected with/to Theatrical Posters International Biennale – Armenia 2024.

26. By submitting posters to the Theatrical Posters International Biennale – Armenia 2024, applicants ensure that they have read all points of the regulation and accept the terms and conditions mentioned herein.

For more information please write to [email protected].